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Monthly archives for August, 2013

Customer Royalty Picture Pens

Royal customers are key to your company’s success. After sales service are best way to gain royal customers. Which mean your products do have solid quality to give your clients continuing value after they purchase your products or service.  Bayfan’s customer royalty picture pens  are  one of the best ways to maintain and strengthen your […]

Periodic Table Pen

Periodic Table Pen

Periodic Table Pen For the students studying chemistry, you won’t find a more convenient storage area for a resource essential to chemistry studies than the Periodic Table Pen. This pen holds a periodic table of the elements on a spring-rolled chart The chart also features an alphabetical list of elements, their symbol, and atomic weight […]

Novelty pens with pull out paper

Novelty pens with pull out full color offset printed paper are ideal for promotional giveaways. The face side of pull out paper is coved with transparent paper, thus make it hard to tear up. You can see the Novelty pens with pull out paper demostration video below. You have decent products with good quality. But just […]

Pen retractable flyer

You have decent products with good quality. But just wondering how you can have better connection with your products with your potential clients. It is a big hard question. As nowadays there are so many products that both have decent designed function and high stable quality. When manufacturing become not an issue, here comes with […]

Custom Pens with paper pull out inser...

As a member of marketing department, fighting against your head to stimulate sales?  Want to impress your potential clients with something unique and yet they always keep alongside? If your potential clients are well-educated middle class, there’s already lots of big companies target on them. A commercial or common promotional gift won’t get much of […]